Why are My Car Tires Wearing?

Tires are made of a number of different components: sidewall, inner tube, liner, belts, piles. While each of these is important to the overall performance of the tire, drivers generally look at the tire’s tread in order to measure how fast their tires are wearing down. Understanding why tread wears at all is a matter […]

What Needs to be Checked on a Car Before Buying Tires

Even if you’ve never had to buy tires for a car before, you can do so like an expert with just a little bit of research. You should spend some time looking at tire reviews and safety ratings online to help you determine the best ones to buy. You will also need to check a […]

How Car Tires are Made

The majority of modern cars are the road use pneumatic tires, primarily composed of rubber, with additional chemicals added to the process. With over a billion tires made each year in factories across the globe, it is obvious that the general manufacturing process is going to be similar for all tires. Assembly line production is […]

What Do the Numbers on Car Tires Mean?

The abbreviations used in car manufacturing can seem like gibberish to the uninitiated. Weird numbers like “P195/75R14 92S” can make consumers throw up their hands in despair and turn over responsibility for choosing new tires to the salesperson at the dealership or to a knowledgeable family member. In reality, these numbers are easy to decipher, […]

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