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How to Prepare Your Tires for Winter Weather

With winter officially upon us, and sleet and snow creating slippery street surfaces, it’s important to make sure that your tires are well-equipped for slick conditions. Many car accidents typically brought on by icy highways and frigid temperatures can be avoided if we take the time to verify that our vehicles are in tip-top shape. Here are four tips that will hopefully prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring in your area:

Image: Check your tire pressure

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Traction is essential for grinding through snow and directly related to the inflation of your tires. Colder temperatures tend to decrease tire pressure, so it’s essential to take precautions and gauge your current levels. Your car manual will inform you on the right … Read the rest

Vredestein Tires are Ultra-Cool for Winter

For car enthusiasts concerned about keeping up on the latest trends, sometimes the most buzz-worthy car parts come from distant locations. Originating in the Netherlands, Vredestein tires have become a popular performance brand name known for their sleek look and quiet capabilities. Customers choose the tires to achieve a smooth ride with ultimate control, which make them especially popular for winter driving.

Not only is the tire brand garnering attention within the auto market, but its image has caught the attention of the advertising industry as well. In November, Vredestein was named a “Cool Brand” in the newest edition of “CoolBrands, the Guru Book” – a prestigious marketing source that provides a collage of the world’s most interesting … Read the rest

Choose the Right Tires to Save Gas

A variety of factors go into the fuel economy of a car. Although tires are not often the first feature that energy-conscious consumers look into when measuring the gas efficiency of a vehicle, tires do indeed contribute to the way in which a car uses fuel.

The role of tires in gas efficiency has been a hot topic of discussion in the past: President-Elect Obama made the claim in April 2008 that tire inflation boosts gas mileage — a remark that was initially mocked, but turns out to be supported by reports indicating that proper inflation can improve mileage by 3 percent. Other variables in fuel efficiency include tire weight and rubber make.

5 percent of gas is used up … Read the rest