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Pet Safety: Never Leave Them in the Car

Does it really need to be stated (again) that you shouldn’t leave your pets alone in a hot car? It’s the “hot” part of the equation that matters, not how many pets you leave.

We’ve known for decades that it’s a bad idea to leave pets in hot vehicles. Just check out this retro PSA from the Humane Society:

Some groups use humor to try to get the point across, but the message is the same: don’t do it!

If you still think it’s okay to leave them alone “just for a few minutes”, take a look at how long a human can stand being in a car. The internal temperature of the car quickly goes from 75F (24C) to … Read the rest

Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

rainy trafficSummer is here, and while that means clear sunny skies for most of us, some drivers will see quite a different weather report. Summer is also the season of hurricanes, monsoons, and torrential downpours, so be prepared with these quick driving tips.

Slow Down

Sure rain isn’t ice, but you still should slow down a bit. During a prolonged dry spell, roads and highways develop a sheen of oil from vehicles that are not well maintained. When the dry spell breaks with a downpour, the rain makes the roads slippery as it cleans off the mess. You can sometimes see this effect as a pedestrian, when there is an oily rainbow effect in the street puddles. It’s slick, drive slower.… Read the rest

Rim Review: TSW Interlagos Wheel

Before you buy new wheels for your vehicle, you want to know everything you can about it, right? We have a series of reviews on our YouTube channel that gives you an in depth look at a variety of rims.

This video takes a look at the TSW Interlagos wheel. Want to know why it’s called Interlagos? How it is manufactured? What sizes and finishes are available? How much it weighs? All that is in this video:

It comes in black matte finish and silver with mirror cut face.

Help Your Tires Beat the Heat this Summer

When Rubber Meets a Hot RoadSummer is here and it’s hot outside. Nowhere is this more obvious than on a large stretch of dark pavement. If you think it’s hot, your tires do too. When the pavement starts melting, the excessive heat can lead to premature tire failure. Here’s a few tips on how you can keep your tires in great shape, no matter what the thermometer reads.

Know the Pressure

Under-inflated tires deform the tread profile and drastically increase rolling resistance, friction, and heat. Proper air pressure is the single greatest way to keep a tire in great shape. Check the air pressure monthly when the tires are cold, as you cannot tell by looking if a tire is under-inflated. Inflate if necessary … Read the rest

Faster Than Sound – Thrust SSC

The 20th century was filled with attempts to break the sound barrier. It wasn’t until the end of the century, in 1997, that a car was able to fly past that milestone.

The “barrier” refers to the effects on a vehicle (usually aircraft) as they approach supersonic speed, 767 mph (343 meters per second). For years it was believed that aircraft (and other vehicles) would not be able to surpass that barrier, and then they did.

On October 15, 1997, the Thrust SSC or “Super Sonic Car” surpassed that barrier in the Nevada desert.  Driven by Andy Green (an RAF Wing Commander), the car achieved 763 mph and became the first car to break the sound barrier.

Eighteen years later, … Read the rest

Best Cars for Demo Derby

demolition derbyIf you have ever been to a demolition derby and spoke with any member of the crew or audience, you know there are all kinds of opinions about what makes the best derby cars. Usually the free-flowing beer at the county fair leads to some heated debates on this subject. So, to avoid stepping on any toes, here are our opinions on the best cars for demo derbies.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Most rear-wheel drive sedans were built in the classic era, and are favorites due to their body-on-frame construction methods, massive overhangs, and total disregard for a light weight. Unfortunately, classic iron is getting rare and more expensive, leaving little room for derby budgets.

Chrysler Imperial — The 1964 – ’68 … Read the rest

Still Think Car Surfing is Cool?

Car surfing works in the movies, but not in the real world. It leads to injuries and even death for the surfer and can leave the driver facing criminal penalties up to and including charges vehicular homicide.

If you’re lucky, you get away with some bruises and cuts and a humiliating video that gets compiled with other fails:

Note that in some of these examples, the surfing occurred in “controlled” situations: slow speeds, deserted roads, off-road conditions where the landing was on grass or dirt. However, many people attempt to surf at higher speeds and on crowded streets, increasing the danger if someone falls.

Here’s a news report discussing a car surfing incident that led to life-threatening injuries:

And here’s … Read the rest

The Dangers of Car Surfing

Teens seem to love dangerous activities, but unfortunately, accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Relatively new to their choices of stupid and dangerous activities is car surfing.

teen wolf car surfingCar surfing is where one person drives a vehicle on public roads while one or more people get out and onto the roof, hood, or trunk. It was popularized decades ago by the movies “Teen Wolf” (see clip below) and “Footloose.” While both ‘80s movies have memorable scenes where characters ride on the outside of the vehicle, there are seemingly no consequences for their stupidity. This is quite a bit different from reality.

Solid numbers are hard to pin down.

According to the Centers for Disease Control report published … Read the rest