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2015 Food Drive in November

drive in to drive out hungerFor nearly two decades Performance Plus Tire has held a Thanksgiving Day food drive in service of the local community.  Over the years, we have collected enough food and donations to feed over 9,500 families. This year the goal is to help another 900 families over the holiday season.

The 2015 Food Drive kicks off on November 1st when we begin accepting donations of non-perishable food items at our Superstore (3910 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90807). You can also mail checks which will be used to purchase additional food for the drive.

November 22nd is the 18th Annual Food Drive & Hot Rod Happening event from 8:00 am – 11:30 am.  Volunteers are invited to gather to help pack … Read the rest

The Hottest Auto Shows of Fall 2015

concept car at auto showAuto shows offer entertainment for enthusiasts, and marketing muscle for manufacturers. If you are looking for the next exiting big deal, or the absolute pinnacle of graceful design, the fall auto shows on this list are sure to please. Some a quite a distance to travel, but if you are looking for the best, you’ll find them here.

Frankfurt Auto Show, September 17 – 27

Frankfurt is always a treat, as this show only happens on odd numbered years. German brands typically dominate the show, saving their biggest, fastest, best models for the big reveal on the home turf. This year, look for the interesting Infiniti Q30 compact crossover, and rumors point to a new Mazdaspeed3 and Ferrari F12 GTO … Read the rest

Rim Review: TSW Jarama Rim

If you’re looking for rims, there are so many to choose from that you might feel a bit lost as to where to start.  We created a series of rim reviews on our YouTube channel that show you some of the premiere wheels that are available.

This video takes a look at the TSW Jarama Rim. This rim comes in three finishes and fits a variety of wheel diameters.  Check out the video for the specs, what cars it is best suited for and what we think of the overall quality of the wheel.

Here are links to the three finishes available:

Gloss Black:
Hyper Silver:

Drive In to Drive Out Hunger

Summer Car Show 2015Our big summer vintage car show is this weekend!  If you’re in Southern California, please consider stopping by our Drive In to Drive Out Hunger event.
Saturday, August 15th from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The big appeal, of course, is the incredible vintage cars. To enter your car in the show there is a $20 entry fee and we’ll be giving out awards for the Top 5 Cars. You’ll also get a goody bag of, well, goodies, including a $25 Performance Plus Tire coupon.
Come to see all the hot vintage wheels. We’ll have music, raffles, free BBQ, and lots of family fun.  All proceeds from the event go to support our annual food drive (hence the event name).… Read the rest

Pet Safety: Never Leave Them in the Car

Does it really need to be stated (again) that you shouldn’t leave your pets alone in a hot car? It’s the “hot” part of the equation that matters, not how many pets you leave.

We’ve known for decades that it’s a bad idea to leave pets in hot vehicles. Just check out this retro PSA from the Humane Society:

Some groups use humor to try to get the point across, but the message is the same: don’t do it!

If you still think it’s okay to leave them alone “just for a few minutes”, take a look at how long a human can stand being in a car. The internal temperature of the car quickly goes from 75F (24C) to … Read the rest

Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

rainy trafficSummer is here, and while that means clear sunny skies for most of us, some drivers will see quite a different weather report. Summer is also the season of hurricanes, monsoons, and torrential downpours, so be prepared with these quick driving tips.

Slow Down

Sure rain isn’t ice, but you still should slow down a bit. During a prolonged dry spell, roads and highways develop a sheen of oil from vehicles that are not well maintained. When the dry spell breaks with a downpour, the rain makes the roads slippery as it cleans off the mess. You can sometimes see this effect as a pedestrian, when there is an oily rainbow effect in the street puddles. It’s slick, drive slower.… Read the rest

Rim Review: TSW Interlagos Wheel

Before you buy new wheels for your vehicle, you want to know everything you can about it, right? We have a series of reviews on our YouTube channel that gives you an in depth look at a variety of rims.

This video takes a look at the TSW Interlagos wheel. Want to know why it’s called Interlagos? How it is manufactured? What sizes and finishes are available? How much it weighs? All that is in this video:

It comes in black matte finish and silver with mirror cut face.