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Is The Smart Fortwo Foryou?

It’s been over half a decade since the Smart Automobile Fortwo launched in the States, and the tiny car has made an impact. But is that impact a home run, or bird droppings hitting a windshield? The years have been more honest than than Smart’s press releases, so let’s have a look.


Smart FortwoThis thing is TINY. At 106 inches, the Fortwo is about eight and a half feet long. Or, about half the length of a Chevy Impala. This has some advantages, especially when looking for a parking space. Crowded city dwellers will love the parking options this little car opens up, and how it easily maneuvers through heavy traffic, construction, potholes, and whatnot. The tiny size also lends … Read the rest

Look Inside Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno has one of the legendary car collections of all time.  It’s filled with one-of-a-kind vintage, classic, and specialty vehicles.  This spring, took their cameras inside the garage to talk to Jay about cars in general and some of the specifics of his collection.

This video gives you a look inside the collection, the garage, and the mind of one of the world’s premiere car collectors.

The Best Low-rider Candidates

This may come as somewhat of a surprise, but no car comes from the factory as a low-rider. Weird, huh? That means every low-rider was once a humble family sedan, sporty coupe, or work truck, changed forever by an owner with vision. If you’re in the market to make one yourself, here’s the most sought after cars and trucks to help you get your scrape on.

nissan hardbody lowrider1985 – 97 Nissan Hardbody

Sure, these days most laid-out minitrucks are S-10s, Tacomas, Rangers, or some compact import. That’s not old-school though. The Nissan Hardbody (and the Mazda B2200) started it all. The Nissan had tough, modern looks in the mid ‘80s, was simple to work on, and offered plenty of reliability. Get … Read the rest

Learn Stunt Driving

All the great car movies have one thing in common: awesome stunt driving.

Sitting in the dark theater, you probably have imagined what it would be like to drive that way, just once, but you remember the “don’t try this at home” warning.

Tom McComas, a professional stunt driver, demonstrates a few basic car moves that you’ll recognize from countless movies & TV shows.  While you may not want to try this at home, you’ll certainly appreciate the “how” of stunt driving better after watching this.


Best US Fall Auto Shows

2011 Miami International Auto ShowThe last three months of the year don’t get a lot of love from the automotive community. The weather isn’t great in most of the country, and a lot of people are focusing on school or the holidays. Still, fall and early winter shows are out there, so if you’re looking to escape the drudgery this fall, head to one of these shows.

New Hampshire Auto Show, Oct 24 – 26

No one really thinks of Bedford, NH as a hotbed of automotive activity. For the most part, they’re right, but once a year it seems all of New England gets together under the giant roof of the New Hampshire Sportsplex. Sure, the goal is for dealers to get you … Read the rest

Moscow International Automobile Salon 2014

The Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) featured the debut of dozens of new vehicles including 9 world premieres. One of the largest auto shows in the world, MIAS was held August 29th – September 7th.

The Russian market is of increasing importance to the international auto industry, as the country will soon become the largest market in Europe, set to overtake Germany in less than five years.  This ranks MIAS as one of the top ten shows to watch.

A major part of this year’s show was the debut of 15 new concept cars. Check out the videos below to get a peek at two of them.

Vesta WTCC Concept

Сhevrolet Niva Concept (skip ahead to 5:01 for the unveiling)… Read the rest

A Brief History of Tire Making

Tires have not always been those long lasting, comfy riding, high grip units we are used to. Not so long ago, vehicle tires were an entirely different looking, and performing, piece of technology.

While the wheel is positively ancient, at around 5,000 years old, the tire is much newer, at about 150 years old. Horse-drawn carriages of the time used hand-crafted wooden wheels with a steel band as the tire. This band was called a “tie”, and may have led to the word “tire.” The tire was heated in a forge, put on the soaked wheel, and quenched in cold water, contracting the steel tire to the wheel. Steel was used for several reasons. First, it was durable enough for … Read the rest