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Ice Racing (3 Videos)

Since winter refuses to let go of certain parts of North America, we tried to determine what is the best thing about winter hanging around. Our conclusion: a longer season for ice racing!

If you didn’t know, ice racing has been around as long as there have been motor vehicle driving on snowy/icy roads.  Only now people do it on official tracks as well as out in the wild.  Check out the videos below for a cross-section of ice racing fun — and a near crash or two.


A 3rd generation racer:

And here’s how to build ice racing tires for a motorcycle:

Getting Ready for Spring Cruising

That darn groundhog was no help this year, but rest assured, spring is on its way. This means longer, warmer days, and excellent evenings for cruising. While the weather gets ready, you should too, so let’s look at some prep work you should do now to be ready for spring.

cruise eventIf your cruiser was put up for winter, there are a few steps to take before firing her up and heading off. First off is of course removing any covers you may have put on your vehicle last fall. Do a visual once-over to make sure the cover didn’t rub anything the wrong way, then properly store it for next winter.

Have a seat inside, and take note of … Read the rest

Truck Rescue Fails

Ice and snow means skids and accidents. If you’re really unlucky, your truck (or car) could fall through the ice into a stream, pond, lake or river.  If you ever need to pull your truck out of an icy waterway, here’s what NOT to do (NSFW: language):

There IS a right way to handle such situations.  Just watch these experts pull a semi out of a frozen lake:

Abandoned Cars: Junk or Treasure

Car restorers dream of finding an abandoned classic and restoring it to its former glory.  Check out these 60 abandoned cars found in France last year:

These vehicles were part of the collection of Roger Baillon, who spent several decades rescuing cars from the scrap heap in the hopes of opening a car museum.  When his financial empire collapsed, he was forced to sell some and abandon the rest.

In 2014 his grandchildren inherited the estate and discovered this treasure trove.

A few weeks ago this collection was auctioned off, fetching $28.5 million for the estate and setting several records for sales.

The prize of the collection was a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB.  It sold for a record $18.5 … Read the rest

How to Put on Tire Chains

You might have an all-wheel drive car with snow tires and think it’s awesome in the snow. You’re probably right. However, there are some situations where even snow tires aren’t enough. It’s time to chain up.


First, of course, you have to buy chains for your car. They are sold in specific sizes, so buy the ones that fit your tires. There is a lot of variety in prices, but even the cheap ones are decent enough in a pinch. Once you have them home, practice putting them on. Your first time putting on chains should be on a safe, flat, and dry surface on a warm sunny day. Do not try to figure out how they work at … Read the rest

Rim Review: Mandrus Wheels Mannheim Rim

This month’s Rim Review gives you a close up look at the Mannheim Rim. It’s a product in the Mandrus Wheels line made specifically for Mercedes Benz vehicles, though it can be used on other cars.

In the video below, Glenn walks you through some of the benefits of buying a rim that was specifically designed for a given car.  He also talks about the specs and available sizes of this rim. It comes in chrome and gunmetal with mirror cut face and lip.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Review

2015 North American International Auto ShowThe hype and hyperbole are over for the year, as the 2015 North American International Auto Show wrapped up January 25th. There were massive hits and utter failures that left industry reporters and automotive enthusiasts with a lot to talk about. The floor space was filled with exotics, driverless cars, hydrogen cars, and even 3D printed cars. There was something for everyone, but like at Detroit’s old Cobo center, we have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

Car/Truck of the Year

Early in the show, the automotive press voted and generally came to an agreement on the most important new production vehicles launched at the Detroit show. Surprising absolutely no one is Ford’s new … Read the rest